Donandar Truth Telling.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Wed 01 Feb 1995 - 01:06:12 EET

Nick Brooke reprises Donandar (though not within the statutory 80-col limit):
> Suggestion: any uses of the Truth Telling rune spell cast within range of an
> expelled member will embarrass him by revealing his deep dark secrets, point for
> point, *after* achieving their normal intended ends. The extra, unrequested
> facts are tacked on to the end of the intended revelations: "And moreover, that
> man over there..."

Heheheh. This suggests, especially to we fans of _Absolutely_, that spare points of Truth Telling might have this sort of effect in general, on a random target if no ex-Donandarian malefactor is in range. Lacking any Dark Secrets, random observarions and free-form abuse are always an entertaining substitute.

(Sound of pub PA: "Man in the corner, talking complete bollocks. Complete bollocks, man in the corner".)


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