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Date: Wed 01 Feb 1995 - 07:04:31 EET

Despite criticism of the play of The Broken Council (which I didn't participate in), the Broken Council Guidebook is very well done. I don't know if it has Greg's blessing or not, but I recommend it to anyone interested in the First Age history of Maniria, Peloria, and Ralios. Perhaps one of the Con organizers could post ordering information again. Now all I have to do is restrain myself from starting a campaign portraying the conversion of the Galanini to the twin storm gods Orlanth and Humath...

Alex F thinks

>I think Mastakos has two main aspects (or subcults, Blank Cult fans);
>Charioteer and Runner.

Don't forget the nifty heroquest "Mastakos' Trail West" -- whether or not Mastakos has a cult, he's still the expert on getting places quickly. I suspect there are other such trails, which let you travel long distances very quickly (assuming you know how it's done).

As you implied, Mastakos Charioteer is the cult of drivers in East Ralios. (Despite the hilly terrain, the Ralian ponies are best suited to pulling chariots, not to riding.) My big question now is whether chariot driver leads to chariot warrior (like squire leads to knight), or if you get professional drivers (as Cuchulainn's seemed to be).

Mastakos is also involved in the construction of extra fast chariots (which don't slow down the horses), and the legendary flying chariots.

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