Re: Orlanthi "taxes"

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Fri 03 Feb 1995 - 14:12:10 EET

Mark Hansen wrote:

> I asssume that the clan levies some form of taxation, as any govern-
> ment, to provide services that benefit the entire clan.

  In my campaign, many of the "taxes" and "tithes" levied by clans come in the form of traditional "gifts" that are owed to various people. Community tradition enforces these.

  For example, in one particular clan the traditional gifts include: When triplet animals are born, one is given to the clan chief's herd. (In this clan animals can be personal property while land is always odal.) All white animals born are given to the Healers. (Mostly albinos...)

  Some taxes and tithes come in a more "measured" form, such as one seventh of all harvested grain going to the Ernalda temple. And the Ernalda temple has certain duties it must fulfill, including storing up grain against famine and then distributing it in time of famine.

  There are many other traditional gifts - together they make up a web of obligations between people. For example, see John Hughes on wedding gifts.


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