Date: Wed 08 Feb 1995 - 12:02:24 EET


I guess it's time for me to write my bio for public consumption. I am 34 years old; I have a BA in Drama, and an MFA in Playwriting. I am in an unmarried state, and have been so ever since I can remember. If my weight was proportional to my height, I'd be about 7'10" tall, but I fall a couple of feet short of that. I have worked in and managed bookstores for many years, and now manage the boxoffice of a theatre (the live kind).

I discovered the white box edition of D&D in 1976, and RQ in 1979. I spent a semester of school in Rome, and whiled away some of the hours teaching newbies Runequest; at one point I had 20 people playing 1stedition  RQ, armed only with Snakepipe Hollow.

I continued my RQ campaign with 2nd edition RQ, and what little information I could find or make up about Dragon Pass and Prax. After college (I graduated in 1982), I had little time for RQ. I eventually met up with a group that preferred the Hero System to RQ, and so ran a few fantasy campaigns with as much of a RQ feel as I could muster. I kept following all the RQ products, and discovered the RQ Digest in 1991 or thereabouts.

Last year, Sandy Petersen invited me to join his new RQ campaign, and we've sailed from Yggs Isles to the East Isles. My first character, Valgrim Bull-Answers-Twice, discovered that he was a favorite of the Storm Bull, and died fighting chaos; my current character, Fido Two-Big- Clubs, is seeking to liberate his mate from the herds of the Morokanth. He has become a Yggling by adoption, and is a member of their ancestor worship cult (made up of a lot of hungry ghosts, for the island was destroyed in a celestial disaster. Now we have this plan to bring herdmen  to our island, Trond, and raise their INT en masse... - ---

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