Issaries in California

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Date: Thu 09 Feb 1995 - 09:35:59 EET

It's too bad I have no idea who are most of those movie actors people are talking about. This popular idea (it shows up in roleplaying magazines every few years) only works with people who a) watch lots of movies and b) pay attention to actors.

I think most of you are picturing Issaries as some short bald guy who wears a loud suit and lies about used cars, which isn't at all how I view him (at least not in most of his aspects).

Martin Crim writes

>You could sell RuneQuest
>brand coffee, or open a Glorantha restaurant

I was in the Bay Area (California) once, and was sitting at a restaurant, when I looked up and saw a sign for Hendrika's. Almost thought I was in Heortland for a second, then I realized it was a women's clothing store.

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