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Date: Sat 11 Feb 1995 - 18:47:43 EET

David Gadbois has some capsule summaries of Sun County Yelmites. How'd these guys get there? And to that list, let me add:

Lord Lovoro Duro-Ebro of Dorkath. The "infamous Lunar carpetbagger" mentioned in River of Cradles, page 44. Initiate of some outlandish cults, including Yelm. One-armed gentleman, master of stick fighting, noted bon vivant and bath aficionado. Lost his place in society and his left arm in a dart contest.

Re: "Going for Yelm"
I like it, it has MGF, but is it canonical?

Andrew Joelson sez:
>To start, please be patient with the long running YT thread.

To paraphrase Apu Naheesapetilon, "I have asked you nicely once. You leave me no choice but to ... ask you nicely again."

I have no desire to keep you from discussing the issues raised in the YT thread. It's not the length of time this has gone on with more heat than light, nor the monstrous amounts amount of bandwidth, to which I object--though I certainly could. Rather, it's the uncivil tone. It's a game, people. Get a *&^%$ grip.

PLEASE take this thread to private email. NOW. Discuss it all you want, and let us know who won.

As for the argument that we need to thrash this out before publishing the Lunar books, that doesn't wash. Mike Dawson, who's developing Soldiers of the Red Moon/In Service to the Empire, is skimming the Digest. So everybody had better make their points succinct if they want them considered in the development of those projects.

Re: Copyright and trademark
The following was posted to the rec.games.frp.misc from Sam Shirley (Chaosium@aol.com), as Chaosium's statement on c&t:

"Call of Cthulhu, Elric!, Pendragon, and Nephilim are trademarks of Chaosium Inc. All original material for these games is copyright by Chaosium Inc, on various dates. All rights Reserved. This material is used without permission. Any use of Chaosium Inc's copyrighted material or trademarks in this file should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. Any commercial use of Chaosium Inc's copyrighted material or trademarks without Chaosium Inc's express permission is prohibited."

I provide it purely for information purposes. Why he didn't include Chaosium-produced material like Glorious ReAscent or Fortunate Succession, I dunno.

Nick Eden: thanks for the father-wants-to-die-in-battle-and-his- son-is-aghast bit. Great story; let us know how it came out. I think it's indicative of the aging of gamers that a) we come up with such interesting plot lines and b) we present parents as more than one-dimensional, and realize that as they age, their psychological needs change. Was the NPC's wife alive, and what did she think?

Thanks for the essay on finances in Heortlander and Sartarite society. It goes in the permanent files.

     Someone without a background in this area, however, might think that this worked smoothly. In actuality, the king's finances were always a mess. Modern states arose, with their rational taxes, in response to the ridiculous nature of the royal method of raising and spending funds. Henry V raised funds a couple times by pawning his silver and gold place settings.

     A lot of the medieval kings' problems stemmed from the Christian abhorrence of money-lending. That doesn't apply in Glorantha, but there are still plenty of problems. For one thing, inflation ate up the value of feudal fees paid in fixed amounts of coin (or an amount of goods equivalent to a fixed sum of coins), to the point where it wasn't worth it to collect the amount.

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