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Date: Sat 11 Feb 1995 - 15:16:03 EET

Guy Hoyle wrote:

>Let's talk about human sexuality in Glorantha (so wake the kids and


>magic has also been used to cure (and inflict) impotence and sterility,
>attract partners for sex and/or marriage, and increase and diminish sex
>appeal. Uleria's magics should be expanded to reflect this. Imagine

  In my campaign the Curse of Uleria is much-feared by all... impotence and sterility are more frightening than death, to many individuals...

> Uleria, in her aspect as goddess of fertility, gives her priestesses
>with the spell Reproduce. This ensures that offspring are healthy and
>abundant, perhaps resulting in multiple births. However, her shrines
>are generally few and far between, except in some large cities (and

  But her worship is everywhere....

  In my campaign, I use the old Celestial Court legend of the CC freely sharing their powers with all as a basis for legends of some of the supposed celestial court... Uleria in particular SURVIVED the God's War and so her EXTREMELY POTENT magic is STILL available to all, without benefit of cult or priests... every pair of lovers can engage in the incredibly magical act of producing a complete new being... this is magic of an amazing caliber... the Reproduce spell is just 'icing on the cake'. Uleria doesn't have a cult because she doesn't NEED one. She is FAR TOO POWERFUL for that.

  Compare Aether, another CC deity: his incredible magical power of Fire is available to (practically) all... anyone can rub two sticks together (well, with practice) and start a blaze that can destroy a whole CITY... similarly, Uleria's magic enables a pair of flies to populate a a country within a year, or a few starving refugees (e.g. from Heortland) to build up a mighty kingdom in a few centuries. That's REAL power.

  Also, Ulerians are politically, economically, and socially important (IMC, in my campaign); they're just not OBVIOUS.

  (I seem to feel like using a lot of CAPITAL LETTERS today, and I don't know WHY...)   I base my Ulerians on Ancient Indian courtesans: they are supposed to master at least a couple of physical, mental, and magical skills that seem on the surface to have nothing to do with courtesanship (to our dull Western sensibilities anyway): examples include foreign languages, archery, sorcery, philosophy, literature, dancing, etc., etc... (this is straight from Indian history btw). An Ulerian should be able to entertain a sophisticated foreign prince, or a local merchant, or a travelling scholar or mage... so she must be mentally very sharp.

  >Midwife skill
  Yes, this should be more praised and more associated with XU, Ernalda, Uleria, etc. The 5 skills/cult rigid guideline sometimes screws us up.

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