Glorantha Digest Volume 1: Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #142

Re: Glorantha Digest V1 #142

Date: Mon 13 Feb 1995 - 18:04:41 EET

A very sensible Alex Ferguson says:

>Personally I'd be in favour of a good discussion of the Lunar army
>and/or Yanafal, but this isn't it, at least in large part.

Lets talk about the lunar army!

I know they have officers and grunts. What are the titles of the officers and what are their roles?

Sandy mentions Monitors, priests/sorcerers - who seem to fill a staff position as a units internal magical support.

We know from published sources that the Lunar legionairs resemble the roman unit types very strongly. Standard hoplite units with special units of peltasts. I have assumend the legions represent a minortiy of the fighting troops and the majority of the troops are large groups of foreign irregulars.

How many men to a standard legion?
are their Centuries and Dekads as well? (centurions dekurios?)

about how many legions (men) are involved in the occupation of Sartar, guarding the heartlands, in Tarsh.

How many legions (men) were involved in the 1602 assault on boldhome/sartar.

RE Dragon Pass (the board-game) I think there must be a consensus how many people make up a unit/chip. How many lunars make up a lunar unit (How many Barbariens a barbarien unit, and how many sartarites.)


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