Tell me of your East Isle and Darjiin Sun Gods

Date: Tue 14 Feb 1995 - 07:30:39 EET

Greetings all.

As my loyal readers know already, issue 4 of Codex will devote a large portion of its contents to the East Isles. Much of the material in hand and promised comes from three sources--Sandy Petersen, Greg Fried, and Nils Wienander.

Given the great diversity of the East Isles, I invite any and all Digest readers to submit a short, Prosopaedia-style description of an East Isle. These would appear as small boxes throughout the magazine. With all those islands, surely there is room for your idea!

Please send responses to Doing so means I assume that I have your permission to edit them as necessary and to publish them in Codex. After that, rights revert to you.

Another Topic Entirely---Sun Worshippers in Prax

Lord Lavoro Duro-Ebro wishes to protest the misinformation recently posted about him here. While he holds the stern and stoic Sun Lords of Dara Happa in all the respect and esteem that is traditionally felt for them in the lands of Dorkath, he insists I make clear that he is NOT a hereditary worshipper of Yelm, but rather, of Ghevengus, the Master of Action.

He is, as correctly reported some weeks ago, an inner initiate of UlEria. Also he offers to Orypsus, the God of Pleasure, and Ulkamoon, the god of Clubs and patron of the noble art of cane fighting as practiced in Dorkath by those of high birth. He holds the Sweet Heron Goddess in proper religious awe, and is glad that the custom of hiring surrogates to participate for one in the Heron Dance has been so well accepted in his home city of Dorkath.

If anyone out there has further details about the differences between the Solar customs of Dorkath/Darjiin and Dara Happa, I would love to hear about them. I picked Ghevengus for the Duro-ebro family only because I knew they wouldn't be straight Yelmists. Yelm as portrayed in GRAY can't be much liked in a land where the Heron Goddess is powerful, much less where the city has special plumbing just for wine.

Stafford asked me if I could figure out who the "original sun god" for Darjiin" was. I studied GRAY until my head hurt and could not find an answer that was better than a guess. Darjiin gets short shrift in the text.


Mike Dawson

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