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Date: Wed 15 Feb 1995 - 17:28:04 EET

Sandy wrote an utterly convincing piece on who Shang Hsa (may...) was and what he did. I thought I had read somewhere that Yanoor was emperor at the dawn, but this is too good not to be used.I wonder about on one detail only:

> I do not know who came before Shang-Hsa. There may well have
>been a number of emperors between Vayobi and Shang-Hsa.

> I don't know who Shang Hsa's replacement was. I do NOT think
>it was Yanoor.

Peter Metcalfe writes:

>but..but..wasn't one of the questions at the Lore auction was whether
>the Emperor List was complete and the answer was Yes? Oh well, perhaps
>it was one of Shang-Hsa's (mhnbc) 'revised' histories.

I asked at the lore auction if the emperor list was complete and Greg said that it is. The reason I asked is the wording 'and all the multitude  of emperors' found in 'What the dragonlord whispered'. The relatively few emperors after the ones explicitly named in that passage don't seem to validate the expression 'multitude of emperors'. So I perceive a slight conflict here.


> I believe that Godunya's exceedingly long reign is dissimilar
>to previous emperors, and that typical imperial reigns in the First
>and Second Age were no more than a century or two at the most.

Why would these emperors have been so shortlived then? not compared to normal humans, but considering their vast magical support and subsequent deification.

>This may be a sign that the nature of the Empire has utterly changed


>[4} Presumably whatever the First Age had as equivalents for
>Mandarins or Exarchs.

Has Kralorela changed that much or is it one of the few human lands in Glorantha which keep the ages-old golden age practices? I think the latter is more intriguing, Kralorela being the one unchanging place in the whirlwind of transformations.

Peter again:

>Godunya looks like he was enslaved by the God Learners for his magic.

Does he? I thought he wasn't recognized as the real emperor all the while.

Sandy's story of Corvus Ghoulbane is deeply touching. The death of Summer Wind In Trees, the grayskins and Corvus loosing his edge, <shudder>.

>If I'd played him straight, with his heroic fighting
>and dying vs. the spider, or worse yet, using a DI to purge him of
>the poison and fight on (it occurred to him at the time, but I
>decided that Corvus just couldn't bear the thought of fighting any

Takes some courage to do that to a favourite character.

/Nils W

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