Malkonwal, Sorcery and Tigersons

Date: Wed 15 Feb 1995 - 10:29:16 EET

Mike Cule:

>Could I find the holy city of Malkonwal? Could I buggery? Anyone know which map
>it's on? Which countries it lies near? Help!

Somewhere in Seshnela, I think. There is also a Kingdom of Malkonwal but that's not the same thing despite a Brithini Presense in God Forgot. I think it's either ruins now or a small dumpsville on Castle Coast (think of Middle Ages Rome: the average catholic vision and the reality for a comparison).

>The civilised peasant has say three spells with a chance of working of less
>than 25%. The barbarian has say three spells with a chance of working of 55%
>(with average POW).

[predictable consequences deleted]

>So how do sorcerous cultures survive?

I'll let you into a little secret. Evolution in Glorantha has proven to be Lamarkian (ie acquired characteristics are passed on to your children). So what the wizards did, you see, is that they went to the barbarians and offered all these peace treaties given the barbarians the Earth and then offered to shake hands on it. Now the wizards were very cunning like for their handshake was ensorcelled with the 'magic handshake' spell (ie TAP INT intensity 15, TAP CON Intensity 9, you get the drift..) So the once fearsome barbarians have now degenerated into drunken foulmouthed sots who are too dumb rape pillage and plunder an unguarded city even if somebody was given them instructions...

Seriously, Sorcery for the Peasants has been known to be broken. From what I have heard, the solution is to posit some type of Low magic which is more mundane but more easier to learn and cast. The Peasant will still be shafted magic wise (as higher caste magic is naturally more powerful) but not so bad as the present system where it would be advisable for them to wear bullseyes on their garments so the average barbarian can kill them painlessly.


>more on lycanthropes in general, telmori and tigersons in particular
>(tigersons kinda disappeared with RQ3...whatever happened to them?)

They're around. They're not just lycanthropic anymore. The Tigersons are now your average Tiger Hsunchen of Teshnos. The Bearwalkers are the Rathori of Fronela.

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