Location of Malkonwal

From: Sog University (eco0kkn@cabell.vcu.edu)
Date: Thu 16 Feb 1995 - 18:00:05 EET

Hi. Mike Dawson here.

Mike Cule & Joerg asked about Malkonwal, as mentioned in Strangers in Prax.

I had some old references to Malkonwal, I forget where. I asked Greg if the original city was still around, and he said yes.

THus, the Malkonwal Arlaten comes from was the orignal Holy City, not Richard's New Malkonwal or whatever.

I designed the Order of the Knights of Malkonwal to be an ancient order, not some new thing created by Richard.

If you look at the maps of Ralios, Seshnela and Maniria in Genertela:Cruicble of Names Too Long to Quote, you'll see there is a section of coastline east of the sunken peninsula and west of the Fens that does not appear on any of the maps. I think that's where Malkonwal is. Greg said it was somewhere around there.

I don't have my reference materials around, so if this doesn't answer the question well enough, bother me about it again.

By the way, it wasn't that Corflu was the NEXT port--it was the first port that didn't have potential no-neck Knights of Malkonwal hanging about in town.

Gotta do a meeting...


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