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>there seems to be an underlying notion of a unity of
> magic-matter-spirit at some ``higher level.'' (Analogous to the
> matter-energy & space-time relations.) How does Chaos fit into this
> schema?

Easy. Chaos _is_ the underlying unity. Chaos is the stuff from which Glorantha was made, and the actions of chaotic entities are simply attempts to re-absorb the little island of Law that is Glorantha into the melting-pot again.

>I've never understood how the
> gods/desses were corrupted by Chaos.

See above. Any deity has to be aware of how much it depends on the energy of Chaos for its very existance, so the temptation to draw just a _little_ bit more power from the void must be very strong.

>Consider Mallia, why would she choose the path of Chaos?

Because she wants revenge, and is mad enough not to give a damn about the consequences.

>under what circumstances do you feel that a Chaos
> taint could be removed?

Hmm, for me the question has never come up in play. I guess it would depend in my mood (assuming I'm the GM)...

>what is the Humakti version of the creation story?

Uh, what's wrong with the usual Theyalan one? Or for that matter, whatever happens to be the dominant local religion. It seems to me that Humakt is a very mercenary god, culturally speaking.

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