Humakti Creation; Grain; Godunya

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Date: Fri 17 Feb 1995 - 00:15:31 EET

Rich asks:

> What is the Humakti version of the creation story?

Here's one of the key Carmanian Creation Myths: bracketed words indicate synonyms or parallel concepts in Carmanian linguistics and theology.

"The Wise Lord looked forth, and ordered all things.

Everything which was before him was Known,	(natural)
that which was behind him was Unknown.		(chaotic)
That which was above was Bright,		(clean, good)
and that which was below was Dark.		(unclean, harmful)
That which lay to his right was Straight,	(true, reliable)
that to the left was Bent."			(false, untrustworthy)

The act of Creation is thus one of Separation, dividing the world up into its constituent parts. Many Carmanian Humakti would identify the power by which Idovanus (the "Wise Lord") ordered the world as that of Separation, which is also known as Death.

It is noteworthy that Carmanian rituals used this mythical "Ordering of the World" to define relationships between persons, places and objects which were of direct concern to the participants. Thus, during the Seven Year Buildup before the "Battle of Four Arrows of Light", the Carmanian magi constantly projected the backward and left-sided aspects onto their Lunar foes, reserving a Straight Dark path for their own people to follow. They did not realise, until too late, that the followers of the Red Moon could turn these aspects to their own ends...

Alison states:

> If a grain goddess must be a land goddess also, then Hon-eel is not
> one. If there can be grain goddesses that are not land goddesses,
> then she assuredly is one.

IMHO, the Grain Goddess IS her Grain. Hon-eel is not Maize .: Hon-eel is not (by this traditional definition) a Grain Goddess. She is more of an Agricultural Goddess, but in any case we are better off looking at what she does than trying to shoehorn her into a mould. Nobody's doubting that Hon-eel knows maize-growing magics comparable to the Blessing of a Grain Goddess; so it's just semantic God Learnerism to argue over definitions. And the God Learners (fortunately) were dead long before Hon-eel.

(A great Dan Barker illustration of Hon-eel at the Tarsh King's bedroom door is in Wyrms Footprints, coming soon from Reaching Moon Megacorp!)


"Good on yer," Sandy, for all those wonderful theories about the Yellow Emperor's longevity! I'm just as amused as when I read in KoS about what the "Red Moon" might have been. There's now almost enough material out nowadays to tempt me to Kralorela for a brief game visit. BTW, is anyone thinking of organising a Pack from all the odds and sods that have been developed?


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