Seven Mothers

From: Nick Eden (
Date: Sun 19 Feb 1995 - 11:15:00 EET

In-Reply-To: <> My feeling is that the cult of the Seven Mothers is sort of separate to the cults of the individual mothers. Sort of.

The Cult of the Seven Mothers of Our Glorious Goddess embodies the worship of those blessed individuals in their role as founders. They are the basis of all our faith.

But the individuals who were the mothers are also revered as separate deities. We worship them because of their actions apart from the glorious rebirth of our Goddess. We remember that Irrippi Ontor played his part in the birth of our Goddess, but we worship Irrippi Ontor in knowledge of his status of sage lord and weilder of the four arrows of light.

I beleive that the barbarians to the south do the same sort of thing, with their old, defeated Gods. Some worship Chalana Arroy as a deity in her own right, but most remember her as one of the Light Bringers

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