Chaos Taint

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Date: Mon 20 Feb 1995 - 03:06:13 EET

Hi All;

Mike Cule chaotically opined

>So how about the following:
> Every time a person raises his Chaos Lore skill by a number divisable by
> 10% the GM should *secretly* roll on the resistance table with
> Chaos Lore/10 as the attacking factor and the character's POW (not MP)
> as the defending factor.

Nifty idea, everyone should consider this, bring chaos out of order :).

> If the roll succeeds 1d3 of the character's POW becomes 'tainted' by
> Chaos. On a special the loss is 2d3 and on a critical 1d3+3. Again this
> result should be kept secret from the character.

This strikes at the heart of actually plaing in 'character' the player would have to be told he is slipping in the fixedness of his viewpoints - a Stormbull with 90% tainted Pow would probably be very different in attitude to the run of the mill Stormbull..... so the player must know.

> 'Tainted' POW reduces the chance of a character resisting spells and
> other special effects of a Chaotic nature. He no longer believes so
> strongly in the rightness of Law and the natural Order and his lack
> of confidence affects his chances of resisting chaos. -5% from
> Resistance rolls per point of 'taint'.

Very bad - belief in order gives no bonus against chaos so why should there be a penalty.

> When all the character's POW is tainted he falls into the control of
> Chaos and becomes an NPC. He leaves his cult and seeks out the way of
> Entropy. (And this can happen when a character's POW drops due to DI as
> well as when he probes too deep into the Secrets Man Was Not Meant To
> Know....)

Why would you forcibly retire the character - Choas beings in Glorantha are free willed sentients - merely with a different ethical perspective - especially in the Lunar Empire. From a gaming standpoint forcible retirement where the player never even new he was becoming tainted is a bit brutal - the GM is just saying OK, youre dead now.... no detail provided, so saving throw, nothing.

The idea of a chaotic illumination of sorts if you look too deeply into chaos and discover how alluring it really is :-) is good, but the CoC type effects don't mesh as suggested in Glorantha.

(whose character Bruce the Broo shall outlive all of you!!!)

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