Boggle Trot; Goats

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Date: Tue 21 Feb 1995 - 00:47:17 EET

I was looking through the new Lords of Terror, and noticed a curious omission. The disease "Boggle Trot" is listed in the table on p.39, but I couldn't find a description anywhere.

Sandy said
>'tis my belief that the stigma of herding goats, while present, is no
>worse than the stigma of herding goats in medieval England -- which
>considered goats to have "devil's eyes" and to be associated with

I agree with Sandy. But no, I didn't quote him just to say that... I used to have a relative (great-uncle I think, English isn't good for kinship terms) who raised goats. As near as I can tell, he was something of the eccentric black sheep (sorry) of the family, because GOATS SMELL! Perhaps someone can compare the relative scents of domestic animals, this city boy can only guess.

Also note that in Peloria, according to Greg's latest semi-published works, goats seem quite OK.

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