Food in Glorantha

Date: Tue 21 Feb 1995 - 20:37:36 EET

I was scrolling through some of the discussion on vegetarians in Glorantha, and really think that there is a more simple explanation: Glorantha people may not always need the exact balanced diet that we do. Do you think that Rice Mother would give her people a food that didn't fulfill all their dietary requirements? Now maybe you have to be one of her worshippers to get this benefit, but I'd bet that properly blessed rice fed to Rice Mother worshippers gives them everything they need.

By extrapolating this a little, we can see why Chalana Arroy initiates can be vegetarians even if your typical Sartarite or Praxian cannot. I'm sure someone out there could put together a myth that explains how this power was given, and I would bet it has something to do with Arroin and his elvish link.



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