Gaydom and Orlanthi

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Tue 21 Feb 1995 - 23:42:38 EET

N'Uz Krang Darkspeeches thusly:
> Maybe Orlanthi regard homosexuality as making the submissive
> partner gender switch, as described in KoS.

Whereabouts? A man can be the "inferior" partner in an Orlanthi marriage without leaving the Male Path (being in the Orlanth cult, etc), much less being regarded as a woman.

> This would of course
> be a social construct since most gay couples do not have a
> active-passive split, but maybe that is how Orlanthi cope.

Well, at the risk of getting indelicate, there's two issues here. There's the question of who is "active" or "passive" in a strictly sexual sense, and who is the "dominant" partner in the relationship in a social sense. Though again, the Orlanthi don't see gender roles as a matter of dominance and submission. But if a (male) couple are "openly gay", (or more realistically, simply widely known or suspected to be) there will be a presumption that the more "effeminate"-seeming partner is an Unmanly Ergi, so he (if not both of them) will get booted out of the Orlanth cult due to suspected MBS underflow.

> Of course they probably just kill gays

Not that being gay is _not_ a capital crime. According to _Vikings_, it isn't even (quite) a "mortal" insult. Though if your own clan take violent exception to such practices, it could have the same net result. "Family disputes" leading to death are never murder in Orlanthi law. But normally the worst that would happen to you would be being booted out the clan. A more usual sanction would be being booted out of "mainstream" cults for being un(wo)manly, but allows to stay in the clan, doubtless with some disapprobrium.


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