From: Chris Wehman (jcw7@postoffice.mail.cornell.edu)
Date: Thu 23 Feb 1995 - 17:50:13 EET

I had heard about triceratops from the dragonnewt adventure in Elder Secrets, but didn't know where to find them, i.e. where they lived. I know that some Dara Happans ride bison, but now gazzam...very interesting. Would there be any similar dinosaurs along the River of Cradles in Prax? My young Yelmite might be interested in raising Gazzam.

Chris Wehman

Dirkar Sunspear-"You haven't lived till you've riden a gazzam. I especially love how they trample rhinos."

Also-To David Gadbois. How has the Deep Valley Clan been doing? Are you still in that adventure?

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