Cardinal Minadoras

From: Mike Cule (
Date: Thu 23 Feb 1995 - 02:35:46 EET

My, what a repulsive man! And yet how typical of a certain type of Malkioni who breaks the first law of Malkion every day while thinking he is serving the Creator with all his heart.

("And everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man. And I can't think why...")

BTW, a player in my RQ game came up with the perfect explanation of Gloranthan seasons: "You see in the Spring Yelm is a Youth and he can stay up longer. He gets older and older during the year and has to get to bed earlier and sleep longer. And in the Sacred Time he dies and is resurrected again."

(First thought: hmmm, just like me. Second thought: Don't say this anywhere
near a Yelm worshipper.)

(And a note to the rewriters of RQ4. This time around be sure to distinguish
between months and Gloranthan seasons. And bear in mind that different worlds have different seasons...)

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