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From: S.Phillips (gkca16@udcf.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 23 Feb 1995 - 20:55:31 EET

Hello from Sam Phillips...

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Well, well.. long time no hear, eh!?
I'm not dead (yet) but have been hibernating for 4 months.

For full details of marital(ish) breakdown, separation, poverty, homelessness, madness, baldness etc
* please send $10 (E-money) to the above address. ;-)


Rendering Landscapes

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This is something I have been looking into recently. To get a map rendered you first need a colour contour map with a different colour representing a different height. This can then be scanned into a normal picture file (my ray-tracer only uses '.gif's). It can then be loaded as a height feild. If anyone would like to try this on a Mac there is a splendid shareware ray-tracer called "POV-ray". It can be found on the internet (I forget where) but can also be bought as a book & CD in most decent bookshops (in the UK, anyway). It is a good laff but takes a lot of time &/or computer power. I am trying to do Sartar like this but I fear paper-mache may be an easier, more convincing way to build a model. Also, mountains (like all else in G) have a habit of not standing still. (Note: this is not a true landscape generator ie trees etc are *not* standard)..

anon (From: an204796@anon.penet.fi)
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This looks like a larf. Expect blazing, rude rows etc. Or an anon from me every time I am not sure about the accuracy of something.

Hides and Cattle essay by Jeff Richard.

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Can someone send me a copy of this?

Cows, goats etc
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I may be stumbling forgetfully and ignorantly into a quagmire. But what do people seem to have againsed good ol' fashioned sheep, eh? Much like goats in many respects but less smelly and far-more-trustworthy. Sheep are of the Gods, remember, Orlanth's personal favourite after Cats - (and who can blame him? Not I for one) and their fleece makes for better bedding than anything a cow or goat (or pig) could offer (Third only to the purring coat of a Cat or the warm belly of a woman with child - perhaps in that order or not, dependent on whether speaking to the woman or the cat or my warrior mates). Pigs eat poop, cows hide in the woods - fearful of the wind, Goats smell (**Yes they do!**), Chickens are Birds (I think) - Sheep however are noble, stable, sensible - embrace the wind; floating accross the hillside like their ancestors and represent everything that is wholesome in Orlanthi society.  Oxen and plows are a different thing altogether, but all this talk of cows is really getting my goat!


Sam. x
Not Scotland but Sartar.

(Actually after a lot of thought I have re-located Sartar in Southwest France, somewhere between the banks of the Tarn - with its spectacular ridges, impressive hills, caverns and bountiful vines - and the Pyrenees with its big mountains. If I was making "Sartar - The Film", that is. It would also make for a more enjoyable location weather, booze & grubwise..)

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