Lords of Terror errata?

From: Nick Eden (pheasant@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Date: Thu 23 Feb 1995 - 21:29:00 EET

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> David Dunham says:
> >I was looking through the new Lords of Terror, and noticed a
> >curious omission. The disease "Boggle Trot" is listed in the
> >table on p.39, but I couldn't find a description anywhere.
> Odd. It was in the page proofs on page 38, between Bloat and
> Joint Rot. I haven't seen a final copy yet. Anyways, here it
> is: "Boggle Trot is a digestive ailment which causes nausea,
> stomach pain, and diarrhea, resulting in bodily weakness and
> general misery. In game terms, the victim's STR is reduced by 1
> per attack."

Thanks for that one. Here's another quesrtion: The elf asked about Gbaji apparantly said what he said in 173ST, which is well before Gbaji. So when did he really say it.

(Congrats to Alex for the All Alex Daily)

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