Re: Yelm's Wife

Date: Fri 24 Feb 1995 - 16:50:24 EET

I wrote up most of the solar gods for our campaign and also had problems with Dendara being a noblewomen, and the peasant-wife goddess.

I resolved it with 2 subcults, that of Dendara Goodwife, the faithfull wife and crutch for her husband. In this aspect it was appropriate for any good and faithful wife to worship her. The second subcult was Dendaara the Queen, who was only worshipped by noblewomen, she gave special spells and enjoyed a separate section of the Dendaara shrine.

An interesting side effect, while there were many exclusive Dendaara the Queen shrines (no peasants allowed), there were a number of mixed shrines where nobility and pesantry mixed -- it was felt that this contact allowed the noblewomen to catch the mood of the vox populi and served as a usefull source of information for the nobility.

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