Dinos, Darts and idiotic senators

From: Peter Metcalfe, CAPE Canty (CHEN190@cantva.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Sun 26 Feb 1995 - 02:23:31 EET

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>I agree with Sandy and others that for MGF reasons, gazzam/dinosaurs
>should join cows, ducks and emus (emus?) as domesticated aminals of
>Dara Happa.

I suggested emus basically because I wanted farms of Big Birds. Easily Moas, Ostriches and Rheas could also be farmed. The Dara Happan name for the Gloranthan Big Bird is the Running Verk which could be any of these species.

>I'm sure that some of the Satraps use their gazzam as ceremonial beasts
>(all dressed up and painted like in India!), but their use in war
>might be antiquated.

An excellent idea!

Joerg Baumgartner:

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>Sandy said dinosaurs were hard to exterminate: I really don't think so.
>All you need is to make dinosaur omelette en vogue, and the beasts will
>have all but disappeared within a generation or two. Remember the
>problems the Bolo folk of Prax has to keep their beasts alive?

True but people weren't exterminating them in Dragon Pass! After the Dara Happan enthusiasm for killing of the beats died out during the Dragonkill war, the Dinosaurs could have migrated from Dragon Pass to Sylila in the present age.

>>One reason why I oppose Lunars to use them is that the (more EWF
>>friendly) Manirian Theyalans use them in war - there ought to be
>>a difference. (The Lunars adopt these tactics in Dragon Pass, where
>>earth shakers are common, though, at least in the later stages of
>>the wars between Tarsh and Sartar.)

Considering that the dinosaur herds in Dragon Pass are neutral and that you need a legion to control them, this suggests that most of the Dinosaur herds are wild and herded towards the enemy in the same way Praxians herd broos. Given that the dino herds are more numerous in Dragon Pass than Sylila, this explains the habit of the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass to use dinos. I do not think that anybody has any domesticated herds of the creatures. At the most, one or two dinosaurs would be tamed by stealing the eggs in the wild and incubating them. When they hatch you've got a baby dino who looks to you for guidance.

I do not belive anybody has a fully fledged domesticated dinosaurian fighting unit (not even the dragonewts have such). Arene (from KoS) most probably was a woman who hung around with dinosaurs perhaps picking off a few stragglers for food, IMO. She met her death after the herd smashed a town down and she got the blame.

Denis Hoover:
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Andrew Joelson wrote:
>>Would anybody out there like to describe the whole 'dart competition'
>>shtick? I have seen numerous references to such competitions, but don't
>>inderstand how such a custom would come about.

TOTRM#6 has an article. It relieves social pressures among the nobility for increasing their influence in a seemingly static society.

>I don't think these [Dart competitons] normally turn violent (except
>maybe on a personal level), though sometimes they do (there is a
>reference in tFS about 2 of the 3 families that know how to make Moon
>Boats being eliminated).

The incidence of violence is rare because the nobles spend a lot of their time taking precautions. Once in a while the bodyguard slips up and the assasins slip through the breech.

>Something like this went on in the Roman Empire. AH has a rather interesting
>boxed game called _The_Republic_of_Rome_ that simulates this sort of thing --
>a very nasty game. I've played it 3 or 4 times, and only once have the
>families cooperated enough to keep the Empire from falling apart.

Incredile fun game! All the players are paranoid about other people getting a political advantage. I actually proposed one of my own senators for consul by trumpeting his main advantage as that he was (objectively) a 'complete twit'. He was voted in. It's a pity we can't make a horse a senator in the game...

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