RQ a Paris

From: Pinch Brian BD (brian.b.d.pinch@msmail.bhp.com.au)
Date: Sun 26 Feb 1995 - 14:40:08 EET

To any Parisien Runequesters,

I'll be going O/S on holidays on the 9th March for just under three months and I'm intending to stay in Paris for a number of weeks from the 24th March (my accomodation has already been booked and paid for). Since I'll be apart from my regular gaming group, I was wondering whether It might be possible to visit with another for my stay in and short revisits to Paris.

If you are in a gaming group which would be interested in a temporary addition could you please E-mail direct to my address below. Thanks to other members of this list for their forbearance in this posting.

Brian.B.D.Pinch@msmail.bhp.com.au <SPACE RESERVED FOR RENT>

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