Pterodactyl Keets

Date: Sun 26 Feb 1995 - 22:37:58 EET

Dave Pearton says:

>Sandy mentioned that there were chaos tainted Pterodactyl Keets in the
>East Isles. While I like the idea that there are Keets who did not
>contribute to Theya's net and consort with chaos, etc, I don't like the
>fact that they are Pterodactyls.

>Consider that all other keets are based
>on bird analogues, eg ducks, albatrosses, puffins (?) and flamingos
>whereas the Pterodactyl is a reptile analogue (it's been a while since I
>studied that era so I forget what the flying "dinosaurs" were called).
>While this does serve to distinguish them I don't feel that it has much
>mythical or logical justification. I fail to see why just one tribe of
>keets should be saurian, particularly in view of the fact that RW
>evolution has no parallel in Glorantha. Also, the dinosaur-like
>creatures are generally associated with things draconic, not chaotic.

The current theory is that dinosaurs are closer to birds than reptiles. The flyers, like the pteranodon and pterodactyl are _not_ dinosaurs but I forget what they're called, too.


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