Red, White, and Blue Moons

From: Dennis Hoover (
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 08:01:44 EET

Something just clicked in my mind from the recent discussions about the white moon. In GroY the Emperor Lukarius the Lawmaker pronounced anathema on the city of Mernita, causing their goddess, Sedenya, a false and inferior sun, to crash into the city destroying it entirely. In FS, however, this same incident says it was "the moon" that crashed into Mernita destroying it.

What moon would this be that the Emperor of Dara Happa could call down out of the sky? It is a little hard to locate the exact location of Mernita because of the stylized maps in GRoY, but it was the northernmost city of Dara Happa, beyond Verapur (which was destroyed by the glacier), which would place it in what is now the White Sea. It would also place it near the Blue Moon Plateau (and, of course, relatively near the Crater). If this moon were the Blue Moon (a chunk of which formed the Plateau) that would imply Sedenya=Annilla. However a godess named Annilha is listed as one of the assassins of Murharzarm, a more likely match.

My mind is awhirl with questions. Will the White Moon some day rise again out of the White Sea? Is there a relationship between Sedenya and the Red Goddess? I wish I had a lore auction handy.

Anyone out there have any ideas or inside information?

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