CA Vegetarism (again)

From: Truls Parsson (
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 11:32:15 EET

Camo wrote:

>Being a vegetarian, I can tell you that meat in any form is not necessary for a
>"full" diet.

I NEVER said it was.

To qoute myself:

"The path to dietary deficiency is by living in a culture that has a one sided diet OR by abstaning from certain parts of a "full" diet and being unable to replace it."

IF meat is a part of your "full" diet THEN you must replace it. In some places it is easy to replace in other places it is impossible. (I include fish in meat) Try to be a vegetarian on Greenland during the viking era!

Remember today you can be a vegetarian anywhere in earlier times you couldn't.

Look I'm not racking down on vegetarians or saying it is unhealthy to be one. Nor am I saying you should eat lots of meat, what I'm trying to point out was that in SOME places you couldn't be a vegetarian in the middle ages or earlier.

>As far as Prax is concerned, how do the bison survive? Chances are that they
>graze mostly along the Zola Fel and at the various oases. They need variety,
>too. If there's enough to support a nation of bison and rhinos, there's
>enough for a few CAs as well.

This is silly. Bison and Rhinos don't eat the same food as humans. They don't have the same needs as humans. You don't need vegetation to survive you need the right kind of vegetation. A bison can eat things a human can't and get full nourishment from it. Still I think a vegetarian could survive in Prax if he knew where to look, but I don't think he could live there for any large amount of time.

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