Questions about the Devil

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 13:08:22 EET

One of the guys in my gaming group is setting up a new campaign. Since I'm going to play in it he has of course not told me all, but one of the basic premises is that the Devil is not quite at rest in his place under the Block, but starting to work himself out of there or something like that. Now, my friend asked me to post some questions about the Devil in order to get some further ideas on how to elaborate things.

  1. What was the Devil like, "Personality"-wise? I.e. what kind of chaos was he?
  2. Who were his followers? Like any god of great might he must have had mortal worshippers?
  3. If so, are there any of these still around?

Duocanth (Sandy's kralorelan monster):

Is it chaotic or does it just have the bad luck too look like it?

/Nils W

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