From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 18:38:50 EET

Nils's ref asks:

> What was the Devil like, "Personality"-wise?

Absolutely insatiably Evil. The vilest possible "personality" you can imagine. Wakboth the Devil defiled the world and laughed while doing it. If he was a book, he'd be the Wasp Factory.

> Who were his followers?

Chaos filth: broos, depraved humans, krjalki scum, and shapeless Things That Should Not Be. Nobody you'd want to meet. Mind you, he ate them too for kicks.

> Are there any of these still around?

I'm pretty sure the Broos still love to hate Wakboth, but I doubt they'd get any tangible benefit (i.e. regular, useful Rune spells and the like) from doing so. Unless your ref comes up with something so awe-inspiringly EVIL that he can't resist unleashing it on you. As for me, I enjoy the thought of Gloranthan Devil-Worship so much that I'm sure it happens: think of the conception of Argin Terror, the Nightmare Sorcerer; or was anyone within earshot when Ken Rolston manifested as Wakibopheles in the Necromancer's Tower at Sog City Uni?

Incidentally, I'd recommend issue #3 of John Castellucci's "RuneQuest Adventures Fanzine" as having a wealth of material on the Block.

Bosse might want to look at issue #1 of Mike Dawson's "Codex" magazine, which contains Sandy Petersen's descriptions of the tribes of Prax, taken from the RuneQuest Daily and padded out with extra bits by Martin Crim.

Pam writes:

> Dara Happan probably doesn't even have a word for "freedom".

If it does, it'd probably be "Chaos"! I enjoyed that last posting a lot. Nice to know you appreciated the damage you were doing to my magnificent Empire! But were you implying my emperor-ing was in any way out of order? I thought I was acting exactly as a Dara Happan Emperor would have done, under the circumstances...

A myth explaining the origin of Dara Happan "impure thoughts" is tucked away inside the writeup of the Empty Emperor, FS p.11.


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