Darts & Grantlands

From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 18:57:31 EET

Dennis Hoover suggests:

> Although I don't think it specifically mentions it in RoC, I have always
> assumed that the Lunar Grantlands were in part populated by people whose
> families were victims of Dart Competitions.

        In my copy of Borderlands (the old Chaosium boxed set). Duke Raus of Rhone is not a victim of a Dart Competition. Two large/noble families if the heartlands started quarrelling, then took to armed strife. Moonson then sent in the imperial troops on the side of the familiy he currently favored, and the losing family suffered a large number of suicides and executuions. Duke Raus was a cousin who wasn't involved in the struggle at all, but he still suffered the Imperial Displeasure. His lands were exchanged for land in the River of Cradles. He now has more land than in the Heartlnads, but he has to develope it himself. he and his family have been effectively exiled.                 

        To get back to the subject of dart competitions, is this just a euphemism for political infighting? Or is there a tradition of high-stakes dart tossing, similar to gambling your land/fortune at poker in the wild West?

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