More on Domestic Dinosaurs

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 19:33:51 EET

OK, lets brainstorm with my self:
Triceratopses: Joerg said something about that they will pack the earth so that it became like that of a road.... waitaminnit! So that is how you get good roads - you have dinosaurs as workers. Hibernating dinosaurs: Pam said that since Glorantha is not Earth we should not care about the fact that dinosaurs were warmblooded - but there is no need to kick out science unless you have a Gloranthan replacement - but we HAVE that here. _Dragons_ hibernate - especially the True Dragons. Dragonewts can, if I remember it right, stand still for days. So why not their kin?

Dinosaurs as "sinful" dragonewts: In last Codex (and before in Elder Secrets) the idea of degenerating dragonewts becoming a certain kind of dinosaur due to the emotion they indulged in ops up. Triceratopses were supposed to have been Lusty. Now, should this not reflect in their descendants (I suppose some Topses are reincarnated Dragonewts, and that others are the descendants of named Topses)? Someone said something about keeping a rutting Tops at bay ("Easy, Fido, easy! Nooo, that is a column, not a she-tops...dont...NOOOO!" Big crash and bang and one temple to the Rising Moon less.) Hhhm. Perhaps castrating them is the solution. You can bet the thing they take away is sold for certain aphrodisiacic (sp?) purposes.

Bertie Wooster and Mr Flintstone: Hm, what about Dara Happans playing polo from dinosaur-back - either from Iguanodon-like ornithischians (sp?) or using small carnosaurs?

Back to the plow: What about a Stegosaurus-like critter using its tail to..... no, too Flintstone. OK, Sandy, I give up, they may put harrows on the topses. (But if we're just doing it for fun, I think chicken-scratching Iguanadons look funnier.)

Breeding: Can you breed various dinosaurs with each other? Hey, in Glorantha they have common ancestors, and you are the ones who wants to throw out Tellurian science, so why keep Mendel's genetics? And with the proper magic....

Erik (Sometimes known as Sven) Sieurin

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