Uz Wedding Gifts. . .

From: Daniel McCluskey (
Date: Mon 27 Feb 1995 - 19:52:17 EET

[paraphrased from Jeorge]
>There was the issue where Kyger Litor's slippers went missing.

        It seems that part of the traditional Uz Wedding ceremony consists of the husband-to-be slipping into his (ahem) "beloved"'s chambers and making off with something. This would be a beautifully Trollish way to help insure that prospective husbands aren't going to be too hopelessly dominated by their new wives. Shades of the "Bride-napping" tales someone posted some time ago.

[Again paraphrased]
>Orlanth knows the spell darkwalk.

        Sounds like an associated deity to me. };-}

        All tis is, of course, rash and unsupported supposition.


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