RQ on-line!

From: Robert McArthur (mcarthur@fit.qut.edu.au)
Date: Tue 28 Feb 1995 - 08:00:25 EET

Now I've got your attention...

New, from the people who brought you the big bang, we have the

        searchable RQ/Glorantha archives!

o Someone was asking about the Paps - try searching for the pearls of wisdom   over the ages (well, two years) that have come over the net. o See your name in lights.
o Find out every word Sandy has providentially given us!

Searchable archives of the RQ Digest and Glorantha Digest from mid-1993 to (almost) the present. You need to use the World Wide Web system (Mosaic, Netscape etc) and go to


Try it out. Tell me what to change to make it easier. Is it useful? bla bla bla.

And remember,

        Any chaos is _all_ chaos!

Robert "Phynaldis" McArthur

End of Glorantha Digest V1 #184

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