Solar thoughts and Hippos

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Date: Wed 01 Mar 1995 - 02:27:08 EET

Pam Carlson:

>Actually, though, this brings us back to the former distressing thread
>about how much a priest can deviate from cult ideals and still have
>access to divine favor.

>I imagine the DH emperors, being Antirius incarnate, a more
>or less permanent "conduit" to Yelm. Thus they can get away with _lots_ of
>things that others couldn't. OTOH, if they're literally the embodiment of
>Yelmic virtue, why would they want to? (Must look up Empty Emperor myth -
>FS P.11)

The Solar Gods weren't seen as individuals with thoughts. Nysalor had said that 'All Men are Gods" and because of this, he was killed. By the time of the Carmanian Conquest, the Solar Gods were seen as Perfect Abstract Entities and Dara Happa was replete with mystery cults.

>Perhaps those purification rituals help a lot - as long as you purify
>yourself before worship or attempting to cast solar magic, you're fine.

I believe the purity stems not from thoughts and deeds as such but maintaining your thoughts (and deeds) upon the Solar Virtues. If you stray from those, you become unclean and incapable of casting Solar magic.

However what thoughts are permissable? I suspect that thoughts on (ie passions for) objects or beings that are close to the Aetheric Powers are permissable. After all from myth, Lodril expelled himself from Heaven forever after he was consumed with passion for the Earth. Thus one must abstain from desiring anything strongly connected with the earth (ie Most Woman in DH Nobles PoV).

Women who worship Dendara are permissable forms to love for they are devoted to a Solar Goddess. Women who worship Uleria are sadly permissable because Uleria was once part of the Celestial Court and despite her shameless profanities has retained the aura of that office. Women who worship Ourania would be desirable but their oath of virginity renders them unavailable. But boys in the Antirian Boys Phalanx are supremely prized...

Sandy Petersen:

Nick had written:

>>Let's not forget that Pelorian village stalwart, the water buffalo.

Which Sandy objects to (somewhat surprisingly):

>Now Nick, let's not get silly. See here, it's way too cold in
>Peloria for water buffalo.

Too Cold for the Water Buffalo? I don't believe you. China and Vietnam can become very cold in the Winter.

But then Sandy reveals his mission:

>IMO, the only animal that would be
>suitable for rice paddies, and yet could survive the winter would be
>something that could eke out the cold days in the warm river water,
>then emerge in the spring to plow and draw carts. Yes, that's right
>- -- I am proposing Hippopotami for the basic Oslir River Beast.

Strange that hippos are found in the hot parts of the World, and the Oslir has been known to freeze over....

> This is my second attempt to move hippos into the big time.
>Once a long time ago (pre-Digest) I tried to squeeze a Hippo-rider
>tribe into Prax, but was roundly shouted down. Wish me luck.

Why not Fonrit? Hot, balmy, plenty of rivers and MUD! Mud, mud, Glorious mud! Nothing quiite like it for cooling the blood...

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