From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Wed 01 Mar 1995 - 05:47:59 EET

> THE WASTES & PENT: the only dinos here are probably Bolo
>Lizards, except in the river valleys of Prax itself.

        I have heard of Allosaurs in the plains, but I am willing to presume that they are extremely rare.

        The river valleys, on the other hand, seem to have ridiculous overabundance. Trachodons, brontos (OK, apatosaurs or whatever. You know what I mean, pedants), allosaurs. I particularly have a problem in believing in the herds of brontos, which would leave a swathe of destruction miles wide.

        I have suggested that the Zola Fel brontos actually spend most of the year in that Redwood forest just above the Zola Fel, but other theories are very welcome.

        On another dino thread, I thought that the use of war ceratopsians was restricted to the Dragonnewts, at least it is in my game. Possibly handling them properly requires Auld Wyrmish?



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