Arachne S. cult?

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 03 Mar 1995 - 01:26:23 EET

Jens Haeusser reveals:
> One character in my latest Gloranthan campaign has expressed a marked
> interest in playing an Arachne Solaran Priestess.

The only significant group of AS worshippers are the Beast Men, I think, and in rules terms they're going to be fairly unremarkable shamanic types. They worship Nature, in a much braoder sense than the elves, which they identify with AS. So effectively, any spirit they contact can be regarded as a sending from, or aspect of Arachne Solara herself. So while they doubtless get funky magic, there's no (one) cult, as such.

> or have any suggestions on Divine spells or whatnot?

Certainly do: here's the full, definitive list:

Want to see it again?

Sandy, sensible as ever, says:
> I don't think Arachne Solara gives out Rune spells.

Sandy, characteristicly daft as a brush, then defines:
> Special spell, one-use, stackable

Holy RQ II revenantism, Batman! While I'm not wild about the idea of this as an artefact of an Arachne Solara cult, as such, one could always rationalise this sort of effect as a (somewhat) "generic" spell, as it indeed was back in the Good Old Bad Old Days, being available wherever there's an AS shrine in the temple of another deity or spirit. This would have the, in my view beneficial, effect of introducing some ambiguity as to whether the DI was answered by AS herself, or by the "lesser" god, acting as her intermediary (or othwerwise).

> Example: Jensa, a priestess with a POW of 15, uses three
> points of Intervention for divine intervention. She has a 45% chance
> of success. If she does succeed, the 3 points go away. If she fails,
> they do not, and she can try again (but not for the exact same boon,
> in keeping with the normal rules).

But she doesn't get to ask for a specific boon, so that's impossible to enforce. Why not say that the spell can be "regained" if the DI was unsuccessful, and is "one-use" if it works? That'd stop rapid-fire DI attempts...


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