Birth & Babies

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Date: Sat 04 Mar 1995 - 04:36:03 EET

Mark C. Wallace suggests

>Birth is a fundamental heroquest.

While this sounds noble and many heroquests DO result in birth (e.g. Hon-Eel), I don't think a typical birth really fits the Campbellian Monomyth Heroquest Structure:

The Call To Adventure
The Crossing of the Threshold
Tests & Helpers
Sacred Marriage/Father Atonement/Apotheosis/Elixir Theft Flight
The Crossing of the Return Threshold
Elixir brought to the world

I think childbirth lacks most of these elements. Note that birth doesn't occur in the index to The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Again, you could construct a childbirth heroquest, but it is not a fundamental heroquest.

Sandy wagered

>I also bet that one of the main slanders against the Lunars
>is that they steal children for their orphanages.

My Ditali character arrived in Whitewall last night, and started asking about the Lunars. The best he could understand this was that the Lunars captured babies to use as thralls. He's still puzzled, and hopes to learn more about the "baby thralls."

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