From: Alex Ferguson (alex@dcs.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Sun 05 Mar 1995 - 21:11:16 EET

Sandy answers the question of dinosaur interbreeding in the affirmative:
> Of course. Where did all the various types come from
> otherwise?

Well, there's the 'newt theory, for one. Doesn't the same evidence cited against this, that there are no (or only one) "combination" dinos also argue against interbreeding?

> KRALORELA: dinosaurs are reasonably common here. Especially
> in Teshnos and Trowjang.

My vote is None. Dragonewts only came to Kralorela quite late on, in Daruda's time, which I suspect was after the main dino-degeneracy epoch. Plus the Correctness of the True Draconic Way as it occurs in the East doubtless prevents such shocking lapses. Though doubtless they have their own whacky mutations, which just happen to produce draconic entities with a characteristically "oriental" look about them.


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