Dara Happa, Teleos and Blue Moon Trolls.

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@cantva.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Mon 01 May 1995 - 10:34:35 EEST

Andrew Joelson:

>>Cultures are _not_ staid boring things. They are dynamic!

>Dara Happan culture _is_ staid and boring; nobles are born on top & everbody
>else is on the bottom. It doesn't change because you are born where you ought
>to be.

They _present_ an image of them being staid and boring. The Nobles have been forced to co-opt new people into their ranks since time immemorial like the Erzanestyu's Senate and the New Witnesses and Officers of Dismesiod. This should not be surprising considering Dara Happas record of Bloody Purges conducted by Paranoid Emperors (Dismesiod), Natural Disasters (Dragonkill, Nights of Horrors), Foreign Conquests (Theyalans, Sheng Solaris, EWF, Spolites and the Carmanians) and Dart Competitions, I think the Nobility would not be fecund enough to replace their losses. You can rise in Dara Happa society, the pretext is that they rediscover your ancestors were an ancient and proud noble house.

Pam Carlson:

>Might Avivath be more of an embodied spirit of retribution, rather than a
>hero? (That might explain his non-appearance in spite of emperors who feed
>folks to chaos demons.)

Anitirius embodied is how I see Avivath. Avivath is a human however, and used to be a one-armed bandit before he saw the light. I think that because of his past (ie lack of 'justice' or Solar Virtue), he is not as powerful as the later Emperors. And if Avivath commits an act which destroys what justice he has, then his Antirian self is forced to depart from him, IMO. So he is impelled to resurrect the Ancient Empire so he can maintain his link with Antirius.

>How about Jannisor? Heort? The Only Old One? Where's the line between hero
>and really-successful non-hero?

Janisor is a hero whom I had forgotten and Yelmgatha is one too. I didn't include Heort or the Only Old One for they had pre-time origins.

Sandy Petersen:

>>I though that the people of Teleos didn't start to display
>>interesting hues until the closing of the oceans?
> This is not determined. In suggesting to Greg that the Teleos
>folk were multicolored even before the Closing, no conclusion was
>reached, but he did not seem hostile to the idea. I think he just
>didn't want to commit himself.

Teleos is stated to be settled by Southerners who followed the Barakoom Current in RQ3:5 Into. to Glorantha. I assumed that the polychromatic mix of Teleos was caused by migrations over the ages (Agimori, Kralori, Veldang and other minor races such as Green and Purple)and a caste system. After the last caste civil war they evolved the tradition that you can only take wives from other castes with the expectation that the castes would wither away. The castes maintain their colours by fertility magics and their civilization has gone to shit since the closing leaving this weird mix of exogamous tribes.


>Q: How do the Blue Moon Trolls reconcile the fact that the Red Moon is in
>"Bed" with Nysalor who is indirectly responsible for the curse of kin?

Simple, they were lied to by Arkat the Deciever and all those other stuck- up Dagori Inkarth slopeheads. Nysalor didn't cause the Curse of Kin, the Black Eater did.

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