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  -Sandy mentions that true heroes have gained their own star (whether in   the underworld or surface world sky) and that superheroes have touched   the infinity rune.   

  Of course, this leads to the basic question: what is required to gain   your own star? I would guess that the individual has had to go through   a transformative experience (probably confronting their own death in   some fashion--underworld trek, belly of the whale/monster, etc.).   They probably must return with something from this experience for either   their people or themselves. Will they have gained a rune (in the God   Learner conventions) in this process?   

  -Peter Metcalfe
> On the subject of Lunar Heros, one of the foes Argrath meets with are
  the Seven Granddaughters of the Red Moon. I can recall only five (Jar-   eel, Hon-eel, Hwarin Dalthippa, Yara Aranis, Inadana Daughtersdotter)   and one (Yara) is more like a monster than a hero. Anybody know the   names of the other two?   

  I think one daughter is named Glamour. Yara, Hon-eel, and Jar-eel are   the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Inspirations of Moonson respectively. Glamour is   the 1st Inspiration--and although the writeup of this inspiration refers   to a physical location, the ToTRM writeup suggests there is a goddess of   the city. She would logically then be the first granddaughter.   

  If you were to go by wanes, then Glamour is 1st Wane, Hwarin is 2nd   Wane, Yara is 3rd Wane, Hon-eel is 5th Wane, Jar-eel is 7th Wane, and   Inadana is 8th Wane. Sheng probably prevented a daughter in the 4th   Wane by maiming the Emperor. But there should be one in the 6th Wane.   

  I know from my own work on Hwarin, that she becomes an incarnation of   the earth goddess of Sylila/Saird. If you think of the granddaughters   as representing the nurturers of the 7 Sacred Cities of Dara Happa, then   Glamour nurtures Raibanth, Hwarin nurtures Nivorah/Jillaro, Yara   probably nurtures Alkoth (who better to satiate Shargash?), Hon-eel   nurtures Elempur (remanifested as Furthest?), Inadana is northernmost so   she probably is Mernita (remanifested as ElzAst?). This would leave   Jar-eel and the other unnamed one over Yuthuppa and Verapur(Rinliddi).   

  No suggestion for name, though. This is probably a Greg question.   

>Aelwrin Beatpot: Not a hero. Butchering an entire Lunar Great Temple
  with a Potato Peeler does not a Hero make.   

  No, but I suspect we know very little about his development. He was   trained and educated (or used) by Jar-eel. That he survived such   suggests that he succeeded in his own unique fashion.   

>Gunda the Guilty: Not a hero.

  She destroys the Queen of the Kiss (Priestess of Zoria?), escapes Ygg's   Islands, joins Harrek (and becomes his best friend). Again we know   little of her career, but I think she does enough to become a hero. Now   we just need more of Harrek's Saga.   

>Argrath: Lightbringer.

  Which Argrath? Like Arkat, I think there are several manifestations.   Or several heroes whose stars all come together.   

>How about Jannisor?

  Yes, Jannisor is a hero. Besides the general statement in the 1st Wane   History, he does complete a number of quite heroic tasks: binding the   Mad Sultanate, uniting the southern provinces (effectively Saird) with   the DH pretenders against the Lunars, maiming the Red Emperor in   personal conflict. All of these come after earlier heroic tasks in   Imther. The Imtherian champion, Onstheus, however, is not (though I   think he is considered a 'hero' by locals and he certainly heroquested).   


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