Origins RQ Tournament!

Date: Tue 02 May 1995 - 05:39:40 EEST

RQ TOURNAMENT AT ORIGINS 95! There wiil be a RQ tournament for 6-12 players at the Origins Convention in Philadelphia this year.

Players may bring their own characters to play (subject to GM approval) or play a character provided by the GM. Players should be warned that this is a dangerous scenario and even Rune Levels should not expect to survive

There will be 3 sessions of play; each session will be 3.5 to 5.5 hours in length.

  1. 8:30 pm Friday- For players interested in running Illuminated, Lunar or Malkioni characters; survivors will advance to the third round.
  2. 2:30 pm Saturday- For players with characters from Orlanthi, Nomadic or other backgrounds; survivors will advance to the third round.
  3. 10:00 am Sunday- For those characters who survive the first two sessions. Players will compete to complete the adventure and become the one character who will free a power held captive before Time began. Team work is encouraged.
                     John E. Boyle
                     The Lost Path
                     A RQ Adventure           

The GM has requested that I post this advertisement to the Dailies. If you have any general questions I will try my best to answer them, or seek the answers from John for you. Hope to see you in the final round!

     Thad Gutshall


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