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On Sat, 29 Apr 1995 (Joerg Baumgartner) wrote:

> > On Fri, 21 Apr 1995 Sandy Petersen <> wrote:
> >> Evidently not. I'll be happy to take up this topic off-line.
> Where I put it. However, Brent forces me to get public again:

My sincere apologies for bringing the topic onto the list again. I sent that message as private email to Sandy only. I thought I remembered checking to make sure I wasn't accidentally sending it to the list also, but perhaps either Sandy or I goofed and bounced my note to the list address.

At least I wasn't saying anything mean in private email -- I tend not to as a rule, just because of this kind of happening. I'll also mention that I am more ignorant of archery than I am knowledgeable about military history, and so I do appreciate the archery stuff you post. Though I'm a (mild) Gloranthaphile, I like learning "real" stuff from the list as well.


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