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Date: Tue 02 May 1995 - 20:37:13 EEST

Nils seems surprised that Argrath went from hero to apothesis without reaching the stature of SuperHero first. Allow me to point out that many of the Lunar gods (those that wern't 'married in') were mortals who apothesized (sp?). If Hero or SuperHero stature is required, then the Lunars were really loaded with them in the first two wanes... I presume that apothesis can be acheived by any powerfull heroquestor that can establish a cult, particularly if there are other friendly cults around (Lunar pantheon) to help.

> Peter goes on with a list of heroes and non-heroes which made me think
> of three dubious figures: prince Snodal, sir Ethilrist and pharaoh
> Belinthar. And what about Cragspider and Delecti?

Prince Snodal and Cragspider were covered earlier; yes and no, respectively, as beings who were alive at the dawn are 'mythic'.   Sir Ethilrist? He doesn't age, his basements are rumored to go all the way down to the underworld, he has performed heroic quests, and he has a 'cult' of followers that perform some of his rituals (Black Horse Troop); I'd say he's a hero.
  Pharoah Belintar? He does not seem to have conquered the passage of Time, he needs the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death to provide him with vigorous bodies every now and then. I'd say he's a heroquestor of considerable power, but not a Hero.
  Delecti? Little is known about the necromancer... He appears to be about the only wizard from the EWF that evaded draconic retribution. I'd say no, despite his age & power. Perhaps that's because I don't like the direction naming Delecti a hero would lead comes Ralzakark!


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