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Date: Tue 02 May 1995 - 21:32:00 EEST

  -Nick asks 'Did I post my "Harrek the Dreamer" theory here before?'   

  Not that I recall.   

>If heroquesting is a dream-like experience, then maybe dreaming is (in
  some ways) a heroquest-like experience. Perhaps Harrek the Berserk was a   vivid dreamer, who spent a hundred years asleep under the Syndics Ban   exploring the Hero Plane through dreams -- subconsciously.   

  This would certainly explain how he was able to defeat the Polar Bear   God so quickly after waking up. I like this idea and it seems to have a   lot of potential. Of course the dream exploration could be a particular   phenomenon of the Syndics Ban or could have been heightened by it.   

  -Nick also responds in regards to the 'staid and boring' DH Empire.   

>The illusion of stasis (compared to Orlanthi dynamism) is dispelled
  when you look at the very real progress that has been made in Peloria   under Dara Happan and DH-descended imperial rule (High Carmanian and   Lunar Empires). Compare this to the oh-so-impressive social advances of   the Barbarians in the same period...   

  Hear, hear (and well stated). It's time to fling aside this barbarian   propaganda and see the truth of DH and Peloria. The plots, schemes,   intrigues, adventures, etc. should dwarf anything the barbarians can   come up with. This is a land of wise priests from Yuthuppa, great   wizards (viziers and magi) from Carmania, would-be nobles or senators   from Raibanth, desperate usurpers from Darjiin, the mighty warriors of   Alkoth, heroquesters from Saird, and cunning rogues from the Redlands.   All this staid and boring stuff is merely myth.   

  -On another note, I just got the new RQ Adventures (#5) yesterday. It's   called Return to Snakepipe Hollow and has a great picture of the entry   to Dwarf Mine. I was pleased to see the return of a favorite character   as well as a good map of the area.   


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