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>So, the Big Red One has lots of heroic daughters. Why has he had no heroic

 One of the explanations I've heard is that the male aspect of the Lunar principle is expressed through the Red Emperor, and the female aspects through the various incarnations of the Red Goddess, mainly his daughters. (Though Jar-Eel doesn't seem to be his daughter). Another cyclical aspect: the Moon is female in one generation, male in the next, female in the third etc.

>Why are so many of the Lunar deities female? Is it the influence of
>those wonderful Naverians? Or is it some sort of cosmic balance response to
>the preponderance of male deities elsewhere?

 My GM likes to point out that most of the Fire, Storm and Water gods are male, and most of the Darkness, Earth and Lunar gods female. While there seem to be less female gods among human cultures this is mainly because the great success of the various forms of Earth worship: some rebadged form of Ernalda is worshipped from Kralorela right through to the henotheist West. The only major human cultures that don't worship a female Earth are the monotheist West, and I'm surprised they don't have a female Saint with Earth connections.

 What advantages do the Lunars
>see in female deities? Might they be less antagonistic, and more in tune
>with the RG's 'healing' ideals?
>So what sex is the bat? Does it matter? Might there someday be little

>Date: Wed, 03 May 1995 01:02:13 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Exceedingly dull statist cultures
>Sandy's list of cultures was certainly strange, unless it was intended as
>a goof. 18th and 19th century Great Britain was one of the most rapidly

>changing cultures in history: almost by definition, THE most rapidly changing
>culture in history until our own century. Japan in the 17th century was
>undergoing rapid change (unlike say, 18th century Japan) as was France. Dune
>was changing so rapidly as to be about to explode and conquer the galaxy.

>Arthur's Britain (the real or the imaginary) was undergoing rapid change.

>I will admit that China in many centuries did not change much, and the same
>is true of Tekumel and Egypt, but by stretching his non-changing Egypt all
>the way up to Cleopatra, Sandy is overdoing the point. Am I correct in
>guessing that what Sandy is getting at is that formalized rules for cultures
>makes adventuring more fun than the Conan's Empire, 5th-century barabarian
>invasions syndrome where Anything goes? If so, I agree with him, for the

>same reason that art without standards becomes almost impossible to judge:
>as witness the most recent Whitney exhibitions here in NYC! Jim Chapin
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