Red Moon visibility

Date: Wed 03 May 1995 - 16:00:07 EEST

This may be old hat to the experts but I've not been able to find a=20 definitive answer:
Where in Glorantha is the Red Moon visible? I understand that within the Empire she is permanently in her full aspect=20 and that
around the borders (much of Dragon Pass, Prax, Holy country?) displays=20 phases.
However, I've also read (possibly in non-official texts) about the Red Moon appearing to be close to the horizon (whatever THAT means on a bowl-shaped world) in the borders. Does this mean high mountains can get in the way?=20 For example is the Red Moon visible in Ralios...

     all the time?
     occaisionally peeking through the Western Rockwoods?
     or never?

If yes to Ralios what about Pamaltela and/or Kralorela? If the moon is=20 visible everywhere
I would expect there to be (probably minor) red moon cults everywhere. In=20= a=20
world like
Glorantha an historical event of the significance of a new moon appearing=20 would surely
be seen as significant and someone would seek to turn it into a religious=20 power base.
Red moon secret societies among the tribes of the Pamaltelan plains? A final thought - would not the shadow of The Block be a doubly dangerous=20 place for
Lunars. Not only is it teeming with hostile Storm Bulls but it could be=20 said to be
permanently in the dark of the moon.
Richard Crawley

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