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Date: Wed 03 May 1995 - 16:41:00 EEST

  -I suggested that Yara Aranis might have some connection to Alkoth.   Nick responded
>I don't think so. During the Fourth Wane, Alkoth held out almost alone
  (with vital help from Sylila) against the nomads. Yara Aranis prowled   the edges of the Silver Shadow...I think this design is flawed.   

  Thinking more on this, I agree with your point.   

>I don't think the full design (if there were one) would become known
  until the Lunar Pattern is completed   

  Also agreed. It is equally possible that the Lunars are working towards   reestablishing the decapolis, the original quartering of Peloria, or   some yet unknown idea. If the decapolis, then Glamour would be a good   start, recreating ancient Yuthubars.   

  -Joerg presents his thoughts on DP heroes
>DP style superheroes of Genertela:...Jannisor (?)

  I think Jannisor just goes in the Peloria/Pent heroes category. He   could be brought back, I think, for the Heroes War, but I think you'd   have to reassemble several parts to do so. My current speculation is   that the pieces required are his mind, his shield Brighteye, his net,   and possibly some fragment of his body. I believe his mind is kept in a   locked and closely guarded tome within the Inner City of Glamour. I   think Brighteye was taken by a follower of Sheng Seleris and possibly   recovered after the Night of Horrors by some intrepid Lunar in the   Redlands. His net was carried from Glamour by those followers who   survived and was supposedly wrapped around his body at his burial   (possibly in Kostaddi). However, it is not Imtherian custom to bury   men's bodies, but to burn them. So where the last two ended up is still   a mystery.   


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