Lower class Dara Happan Adventures

From: D. Pearton (pearton@u.washington.edu)
Date: Thu 04 May 1995 - 00:44:10 EEST

Yak here,

I must second the various people in saying that the marvelous Dara Happan is a marvelous source of adventures. Even without using upperclass nobles or noble wannabes you can have loads of fun. I personally think that the Lodrilli peasantry is a great source of fun ideas. Come on, anyone with heat and disorder and those really fun festivals has to be good.

Just think of the itrigue around chooseing a new headman, or the contests between villagers to throw the best Lodril high holy day ceremony/orgy. Or the local lord's gazzam has broken out and is destroying the rice paddies and irrigation system...how to get it away without seriously upsetting the lord? And of course the normal fun lives of the peasantry - - how to cheat the local taxes, keeping the secret spear subcult secret, etc.

> Nick:
> >Understand this, and you will see
> >the Lunar Light -- which can be Red, Blue and White at the same time!
> Liberte' Egalite' Fraternite' ?
Red is the colour of the New Republic.
Blue is the colour of the Sky.
White is the colour of my innocence...

(Apologies to the proclaimers)

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